7 budget-friendly ways to market modern retail businesses

Modern retail businesses do not just rely on physical storefronts and sales staff. Instead, they cover both online and physical mediums. Often, they are primarily online, with limited or no physical presence. So, you can’t follow textbook marketing techniques you may have learned about.

In addition, you don’t really need the massive budgets big-name retailers have access to. Even if you have limited resources, you can really do a lot with your marketing efforts. Here are some budget-friendly marketing ideas you can use to promote your retail business. 

Create a brand identity

An established brand identity is important for a modern retail business. WIth the level of saturation most retail businesses have, you need to stand out with your marketing. So, narrow down the aesthetics and vision you want your brand to follow. 

This identity should reflect your products, and what sort of experience you want your customers to have. Turn this identity into a brand kit you will follow throughout your marketing channels. This includes social media, your website, retail posters, and any other marketing methods you use. 

Implement targeted email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums you can use. This is because you’re not just pushing your content out trying to reach out to more people. Instead, you already have a list of email addresses you send out personalized emails to. 

Your email campaigns need to be well-planned, with ample attention on the layout, subject line, and calls-to-action. This way, you can maximize the results. Automate the process using any email marketing tools at hand, and also analyze how your emails perform. It is important to conduct A/B testing with your email campaigns, so that you know which version will resonate with your audience the most. 

Utilize UGC marketing

User-generated content is a great alternative to influencer marketing. When you reach out to influencers, they may ask for considerable amounts of money or PR products. Instead, you can just utilize UGC marketing. This involves using content your customers share and then sharing it on your social media pages and other platforms.

Of course, you should take permission from your customers for this purpose. Most people who make this content will agree, as this helps their reach as well. So, you can save thousands of dollars on influencer marketing by opting for UGC instead. 

Introduce loyalty programs

Reward your regular customers through a loyalty program. This means that they get some sort of incentive if they visit your store and purchase items worth a certain amount. When they meet this threshold, give them a discount or a small freebie. You can also offer them some discounts on their next purchases. 

These loyalty programs also help spread word of mouth about your retail practices. When people enjoy these incentives, they are more likely to talk with others about them. This is a pretty inexpensive marketing idea, as you don’t have to invest large amounts of money. 

Work on your store aesthetic

If you have a physical store, curb appeal matters a lot. Even if you have great products inside, you need to have a nice display facing out to pull in customers. This means that your window displays should be creative and appealing. You can integrate your new collections, seasonal campaigns, or new trends in these displays. 

Make sure you change the displays up regularly as well. This will keep your store refreshed, and urge people to come in and see what’s new. Your store should also reflect your brand identity, so that you are instantly recognizable across your online and offline platforms. 

Optimize your website

Speaking of curb appeal, a drab website is inexcusable for a modern retail business. Make sure you have an updated website banner which displays the latest offers you have. In addition, your checkout and payment process should be as smooth as possible. There’s no need to add multiple forms in there. That will frustrated buyers and often result in them having second thoughts and abandoning their online shopping cart.

Your online store should have all its categories in order, so that people can find what they’re looking for easily. An optimized website will make life easier for you and your customers, so make it one of your major points of attention.

Focus on organic social media traffic

You might be tempted to just boost a bunch of your social media posts to get traffic. However, if you put in time and effort, you can achieve your goals through organic social media marketing as well. Post regularly, and ensure that your posts are attractive. Use a mixture of photo and video posts for the best results. 

In addition, do your research into what social media trends are going around. Then, incorporate these into your social media marketing strategy. This will help you rake in that organic traffic. 

In conclusion, modern retailers need to stay updated, and also make sure their online and offline mediums are in order. Often, vigilance and effort will go a long way in making your marketing strategy successful. 

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