How to Check Sui Gas Bills Online?

Bills paying is an important yet a stressful duty. Sui gas is an essential need, which is used in our everyday life hence, it needed to be paid for, but if you are having trouble checking your bill here is how you can check your sui gas bill online.

On this site, you can find detailed guide on how to check your Sui gas bill online with just a few easy steps.

Check Sui Gas Bill online:

 All Pakistani citizens should be aware that SSGC represents the Northen parts of Pakistan only while the SNGPL is for the southern regions. Both of these have been actively supplying and distributing natural gas in their assigned regions for long passage of time.

For the convenience and customer satisfaction, recently both companies have let go the hassle of physical copy or an invoice delivery every month, instead they have provided an online service which allows customers to download, print and examine their bills online.

With the help of your user number or customer ID number, you can easily get your SNGPL bill online, free of cost.

Duplication of bills is also possible in case if you need keep a record. Bill payment can be done along with the printed copy of bill.

Easy step to check the Sui Gas bill online:

Here is how you can check Sui gas bill online:

  • Visit their official website.
  • Find a form for bill check
  • Once done, fill it. start filling by entering your customer number and the registered Gas provider.
  • Click on “Check Button”
  • In a short while, a new window will open showing your bill and the due date.
  • Now it’s your choice whether to download or to print the full bill.
  • To view the bill, click on “View Complete Bill”
  • On full view you can spot the Print and download button.
  • If there is any problem, contact the head office or the Sui gas helpline, 1199 number.
  • Two Types of Gas Bill:
  • There are two types of gas bills:
  • Normal Gas Bill:
  • Under the normal gas bill, the billing of the meter will be done on bases of the rates set by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, AKA OGRA, on which the meter was installed on.
  • Usually, the pressure factor is used to check the proper volume of the gas used. However, for the comm customers, like wholesalers and Industrial consumers, high temperature and pressure factors are used to determine the correct volume of gas used.
  • Meanwhile, the regular customers are charged along with the SHBG tariff set by the OGRA.
  • Minimum Gas Bill:
  • In the Minimum category, when the consumption is null, low, zero or less the assigned utilization, than all customer’s invoice is created with the minimum rate, set by the Oil and gas Regulatory Authority. These rates include the meter leasing and general sales tax (GST).  Assigned bull can be check by the sui gas bill calculation method.
  • About Sui Gas:
  • Despite being categorized as a natural gas, the gas we consume in daily life, for cooking and heating is called the SUI Gas. The reason behind this is the ownership of gas field in Pakistan is under the company known as “Sui”. The company “sui” headquarter is located in Bugti, Baluchistan, nearly 650 KM from Karachi.
  • Sui is known to have the greatest <a href="http://<a href="">.gas compressor station and the best purification System.
  • FAQs:
  • Q: Can I pay my Sui Gas Bill online?
  • Ans: Yes, Sui gas bill can be paid online with the help of their website and log in of the mobile Banking application. This can easily be done VIA online banking.
  • Q: Can I pay my Sui gas bill through ATM?
  • Ans: Yes, customers can pay their Sui Gas bill trough an ATM. Once securely paid the customer will receive an auto-generated slip as proof.
  • Q: How can I get my Sui Gas bill?
  • Ans: If you are a user of Allied Bank than the Bill check is just a call away. Their UAN number is 111-225-225 with 24/7 availability. If not convenient, user can also check their Sui Gas bill on the website
  • Q: How can I check whether by bill is due or not?
  • Ans: user can find out about their due bills by logging in their myABL mobile bank, go to the payment option, input your customer ID. on the new page Scroll down to view the status.
  • Q: Can I check my details on the Sui Gas bill?
  • Ans: No, customers name or ID card number are not present on the bill. Only way to check the ownership is by the customer number.
  • Q: what is the Sui Gas Helpline?
  • Ans: in case of queries and help, contact the Sui gas helpline is 1199.

Sui Gas Complaint/ head Office:

  • Check Online Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Karachi

Head Office Building-Sui Southern Gas Company Limited, Karachi

Address: ST-4/B, Block 14, Sir Shah Suleman Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Phone number: (+9221) 9902 1000
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Altaf Jatoi
Deputy Manager Shares
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: 021-99021743

  • Check Online Sui Gas Duplicate bill Lahore

Corporate Affairs Department Sui gas office Lahore.
5th Floor, Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, P.O Box No. 56, Lahore 54000, Pakistan.

Lahore contact numbers:

Phone: 042-99083732
Fax: 042-99201369
Email: [email protected]


Address: 28-30 Plot, I 9/2 I-9, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan

Phone number +92 51 9257710

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