Shirley Strawberry Age, Family, and Bio 

Shirley Strawberry Age 

Shirley Strawberry stands as a paragon in the radio industry, renowned for her dynamic presence and illustrious career. Born on July 28, 1960, in Chicago, Illinois, Shirley, now 63, continues to radiate with the vivacity of a Leo, a testament to her enduring charm and influence in the broadcasting world. Shirley Strawberry age, 63, not only signifies a journey well-traveled but also highlights her vast experience and wisdom, qualities that have endeared her to millions of listeners and fans.

NameShirley Strawberry
Date of BirthJuly 28, 1954
Age34 year old
ProfessionActress, Novelist, Radio Personality
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States of America
Material statusMarried
Husband NameErnesto Williams
Father NameNA
Mother NameNot Known
Weight56 kg
Height5’-7″ Feet

Illustrious Radio Career

Shirley’s journey in radio broadcasting began in the vibrant city of Chicago. Starting her career at WCGI-FM in the 1980s, she quickly made a name for herself with her innate talent and charismatic personality.

Steve Harvey Morning Show

Shirley’s role as a co-host on The Steve Harvey Morning Show marked a significant milestone in her career. Her collaboration with Steve Harvey not only showcased her exceptional skills but also cemented her status as a beloved figure in radio.

A Journey of Awards

A Journey of Awards and Recognition


he pinnacle of Shirley’s career was her recognition at the Alliance for Women in Media ceremony, where she was honored with the Gracie Award. This accolade reflects her outstanding contributions to the industry and her role as a trailblazer for women in media.

The Strawberry Letter

Shirley’s talents extend beyond the airwaves, as evidenced by her successful novel, “The Strawberry Letter.” Her literary prowess earned her the NAACP Image Award for Best New Author, adding another feather to her cap.

Bitterness Isn’t Sexy

Shirley’s second literary work, “Bitterness Isn’t Sexy,” delves deeper into her philosophical and introspective side, offering readers a glimpse into her wisdom and experience.

Family Life

Shirley’s life outside the recording studio is filled with warmth and love. Her marriage to Ernesto and her role as a grandmother paint a picture of a woman who values family and personal connections.

Chicago Roots: The Foundation of an Icon

Shirley’s Chicagoan heritage plays a crucial role in her identity as a radio icon. Her experiences in this vibrant city have shaped her into the influential figure she is today.

Collaborations with Celebrities

Shirley’s career is dotted with notable collaborations with celebrities like Cedric the Entertainer and DL Hughley. These partnerships have not only enriched her career but also broadened her influence in the entertainment industry.

A Female Radio Personality

As a woman in the male-dominated field of radio broadcasting, Shirley has broken barriers and paved the way for future generations of female broadcasters.

Shirley Strawberry’s Legacy

At 63, Shirley Strawberry’s age is a mere number compared to her vast achievements and vibrant personality. Her impact on radio broadcasting is undeniable, and her story remains a source of inspiration.

Empowering Influence in Radio

Pioneering as a Female Voice

Shirley Strawberry’s journey in radio is a beacon of empowerment, particularly for women aspiring to make their mark in the industry. Her ability to excel in a field historically dominated by men not only showcases her talent but also serves as a source of inspiration for countless women.

Mentorship and Inspiration

Shirley’s influence extends beyond her on-air presence. She has been a mentor and role model for many young professionals in the industry, demonstrating the power of resilience and hard work in achieving success.

Strawberry’s Impact on Media and Culture

Shirley Strawberry's Impact on Media and Culture

Cultural Ambassador in Broadcasting

Throughout her career, Shirley has been more than a radio personality; she has been a cultural ambassador. Her discussions on various social and cultural topics have made significant contributions to public discourse, showing her ability to resonate with a diverse audience.

Advocating for Social Causes

Shirley’s platform has also been used to advocate for various social causes, using her voice to bring attention to important issues and inspire change.

Shirley Strawberry’s Career

Adapting to Industry Changes

Over the years, Shirley has adeptly navigated the evolving landscape of radio broadcasting. Her ability to adapt to new technologies and trends in the industry is a testament to her enduring relevance and skill.

Expanding Beyond Radio

Shirley’s career expansion beyond traditional radio into digital platforms demonstrates her versatility and understanding of the modern media landscape.

Shirley Strawberry Age, Net Worth and Success

Shirley Strawberry’s Net Worth and Success

Wealth Through Diverse Ventures

Shirley’s impressive net worth of $5 million is not just a reflection of her success in radio but also her savvy business acumen. Her investments and ventures outside of broadcasting contribute significantly to her financial success.

Role Model for Financial Independence

Her financial success makes Shirley a role model, especially for women, showcasing the potential for financial independence and security through hard work and smart choices.

Shirley Strawberry’s Personal Life

Balancing Career and Family

Shirley’s ability to balance her demanding career with a fulfilling personal life is admirable. Her story is a testament to the possibility of achieving professional success while maintaining strong family ties.

Health and Wellbeing

Shirley also serves as an inspiration in terms of health and wellness. Despite her age, she remains vibrant and active, promoting a positive message about health and aging.

Community Engagement

Contributions to Community Development

Shirley’s involvement in community service and philanthropy is another facet of her multifaceted personality. Her contributions to various charitable causes and community development projects demonstrate her commitment to giving back to society.

Role as a Community Leader

As a community leader, Shirley uses her influence to uplift and support various community initiatives, further solidifying her status as a figure of positive impact.


When was Shirley Strawberry born?

Shirley Strawberry was born on July 28, 1960.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s net worth?

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

How has Shirley Strawberry influenced radio broadcasting?

Shirley has revolutionized radio with her charismatic presence and groundbreaking collaborations.

What awards has Shirley Strawberry received?

She is a Gracie Award winner and an NAACP Image Award recipient for Best New Author.

What is Shirley Strawberry’s role in The Steve Harvey Morning Show?

She serves as a co-host, bringing her unique energy and insight to the show.

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Shirley Strawberry, at 63, continues to inspire and captivate audiences. Her journey in radio, her literary achievements, and her personal life intertwine to paint a portrait of a woman who is not just a voice on the radio but a formidable force in the world of entertainment. Shirley Strawberryage, a mere number, belies the depth of her experience and the breadth of her influence. Her legacy is a narrative of success, resilience, and continuous evolution, making Shirley Strawberry, at 63, a true icon of our times.

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