About Various Instagram Features

Instagram is a social media platform. It is a source of making new friends and also with the help of this application people are able to find their old school or college friends. Apart from that with the help of this platform individuals can express their talents and by showing their talents they can earn money. On the other hand, people can learn new skills from this and find relevant knowledge. Along with this, this application helps the students in their studies. They can get knowledge regarding their fields and join online study classes. Instagram is a secure application and it maintains people’s privacy. It has many hidden features like people can make their account private who don’t want to share their privacy with others. They can hide their active status and also make private stories and share their stories to only close friends. It is an online chatting app, where people can chat with their friends and family also. Instagram has a key feature of voice and video call. By this people can get connected with their friends through video call. Apart from that, on instagram people can take photos by using different types of beauty effects and funny cameras which make their photos more attractive.  Instagram has many other features which makes it more attractive. These features like story, highlights, reels, posts etc. mentioned below:

Story: Instagram story  is a feature where people can share their photos and also add songs on it as well as add any emoji and decorate the story according to their choice which one they like. They can share other people’s posts in their story which they want. Not only this, people can create private stories and share it to those people whose they want to show and hide from others. When someone sees other people’s story they appear in their story viewers. To watch a story secretly, you can use an Instagram story viewer.

Highlights:  Highlights is another feature of instagram. In highlights, they can save their memories with their family and friends also and create according to their preferences. They can make the cover of the highlights as per their choice. Highlights show all of the friends who are following the person.

Reels: Reels are also a part of Instagram. In reels, people can show their talents and express their feelings. Some people have skills but they cannot reveal it due to social issues. But Instagram gives them the opportunity to reveal their skills in the form of reels and also they can earn money through this platform. Some of the girls have cooking skills and they give classes on instagram by making reels. Other people have their own talents and instagram provides the chance to make them good artists.

Posts: Posts is another feature of instagram. People can share their photos and videos in the form of posts. They post their short trips and other things which are helpful for the individuals. On the other hand, posts help people to find jobs because many job recruitment agencies have pages on instagram and share posts in order to help the unemployed people.

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