Buy Unstitched Fabric for Women Online in Pakistan

Online purchases can be risky. You don’t know what material you’re going to get, whether the colors will be fast, or how the design will turn out.

If you’re lucky, you might get the same dress that you saw in the picture online. But if you’re clever, you will always get an amazing, unstitched dress when shopping online.

While many people are dissatisfied with large, renowned brands, there’s one brand that never lets me down. Alkaram Studio is one of the brands that has always delivered what was 

promised. The customer service is also incredible.

But when you’re shopping online from other brands, here’s what I recommend you should look out for:

1.      Check Customer Reviews

Before ordering the first thing you should do is check customer reviews. Many brands pay people to write fake reviews on their pages and in comments. However, you can spot a fake review because they are non-descriptive.

The trick is to check the negative reviews. See whether the brand has responded on the review and whether they have taken any action on the matter. If there are a ton of negative reviews, it is best to steer clear of the brand and look for alternatives.

2.      Don’t Order Big

If you are ordering from a new page with a few reviews, don’t proceed to make a huge order. First start by ordering something of small value from the page. If the dress material is as described, the colors are as shown, and it meets all your other expectations, you can place your next order for a higher amount.

3.      Negotiate Payment Terms

If the thing you’re ordering is expensive, you might want to negotiate with the seller on the payment conditions. Many sellers take prepayment these days to minimize the risk of fraud and parcel returns. That is their right too since there are many people who refuse to receive the parcel when it is on their doorstep. In this case, the honest seller’s efforts and money goes down the drain.

You can convince the seller to take 25% or 50% as prepayment and the rest when you receive the package. You can also ask the seller to let you open the package when receiving it from the rider, especially when you’re ordering from a new brand for the first time.

4.      Go for Tested Brands

Brands like Alkaram Studio have collections that follow the latest trends. If you want to minimize the risk of ordering online, go for tested brands like these.

I am keen on following influencers’ dressing because they wear what’s in trend.

One of the people I am inspired by is Nida Siddiqui, the First Female Head of Ecommerce. She looks quite elegant and wears outfits that reflect her persona, mostly from Alkaram Studio’s latest collections.

Once, I saw her picture on LinkedIn and immediately searched Alkaram Studio’s online store. I immediately placed the order and received the package within 4 days! I got it stitched within 3 days and wore it just after! That’s how quick Alkaram Studio’s delivery service is. It is one of the reasons Alkaram Studio is my go-to brand for shopping for unstitched outfits online.

Final Words

If you’re buying unstitched outfits online, make sure that you check the reviews online. If the store is new, first make a small purchase to check whether they deliver on their promises. If the order is expensive, negotiate with the seller to let you pay some part of the money while placing the order rather than the whole amount.

Lastly, I suggest you to place from places you’ve tried and tested or renowned brands like Alkaram Studio.

Author Bio:

Kamil Riaz Kara is an SEO Specialist by profession and a Vlogger by hobby and associated with Digital Marketing since 2015. Connect with him on LinkedIn for more details.


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