Joanne Rhue Harrison: John Harrison wife

Joanne Rhue Harrison

The life and contributions of Joanne Rhue Harrison, an emblematic figure in the American pawn shop industry, unfurl a narrative of resilience, dedication, and familial unity. As the matriarch of the Harrison family, famously known for their central role in the hit reality TV show “Pawn Stars,” Joanne has been a foundational rock, supporting the growth and success of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop alongside her late husband, Richard Benjamin Harrison, and her son, Rick Harrison. This article delves into the multifaceted life of Joanne, underpinning her significance beyond the glare of television fame to her substantial impact in the realms of business and family legacy.

Joanne Rhue Harrison, born on September 2, 1940, in Kernersville, North Carolina, is a figure of substantial influence and acumen in the pawn shop industry. Her life story interweaves personal resilience with professional success, marking her as a pivotal character in the narrative of the Harrison family and the broader pawn shop business landscape.

Who is Joanne Rhue Harrison?

Who is Joanne Rhue Harrison?

Joanne is best recognized as the steadfast partner of Richard Benjamin Harrison, co-founder of the renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, and mother to Rick Harrison. Her roles, however, extend far beyond her familial ties, embodying the essence of an adept businesswoman and real estate agent, whose contributions have been vital in steering the family business towards its celebrated status.

Net Worth

Estimations place Joanne Rhue Harrison’s net worth around $3 million. This figure reflects her successful ventures in real estate and her pivotal role in the family’s pawn business, illustrating her financial acumen and business savvy.


Joanne’s journey began in Kernersville, North Carolina, where she was born and raised before embarking on a life that would see her at the heart of one of America’s most recognizable family businesses. Her marriage to Richard in 1960 set the stage for a partnership that would endure nearly six decades, punctuated by both challenges and triumphs.


As of the latest updates, Joanne Rhue Harrison has reached the venerable age of 84 years, with her life journey encompassing vast experiences from personal trials to professional achievements within the pawn shop industry and real estate sector.

Height and Weight

Details regarding Joanne’s height and weight are reflective of her personal choice to maintain privacy regarding her personal attributes, focusing public attention on her professional and familial contributions.


The Harrison family, with Joanne at its helm, includes her late husband Richard, their son Rick, and three other children. The family’s lineage has expanded to encompass ten grandchildren and five great-grandchildren, illustrating a robust family tree rooted in shared endeavors and collective resilience.

Early Life

Joanne’s early life in Kernersville laid the foundation for her future endeavors. It was here that she developed the values of hard work and dedication, which would later be evident in her business pursuits and family commitments.


Though specific details of Joanne’s educational background are not widely publicized, her subsequent achievements in real estate and business indicate a well-rounded and competent grasp of her chosen fields.


Before her involvement in the family’s pawn shop business, Joanne obtained a real estate license in 1970 and opened her own firm in 1973. Her transition into the pawn shop industry, prompted by financial challenges in the 1980s, showcased her adaptability and business acumen, ultimately contributing to the national fame of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop through “Pawn Stars.”

Personal Life

Joanne’s personal life, notably her marriage to Richard and their shared journey through life’s ups and downs, has been a bedrock of the Harrison family’s story. Despite facing legal disputes and challenges, her steadfast presence has been a constant source of strength and unity.


Despite the public nature of her family’s business, Joanne prefers to keep a low profile, focusing on her family and business rather than seeking the spotlight. This choice underscores her commitment to the values of hard work, privacy, and family above fame.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Joanne Rhue Harrison’s influence on the Harrison family legacy and the pawn shop industry at large is poised to continue through her ongoing roles and the enduring impact of her past contributions.

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Joanne Rhue Harrison’s life and legacy are a testament to the profound impact of dedication, resilience, and familial unity in both personal and professional realms. Her contributions have not only propelled the Harrison family to national fame but have also solidified her status as a significant figure in the American business landscape.

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