“I’m Afraid Of Her:” Tiger Shroff Discusses His Relationship With His Sister Krishna Shroff


The up-and-coming Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff has a lot on his plate right now with the promotion of his flick Ganpath. Tomorrow, on October 20, the movie is going to finally hit theaters.

Even before it was released, the film Ganpath, which was directed by Vikas Wahl and starred Kriti Sanon, had already generated a great amount of attention from the audience. Tiger Shroff recently surprised everyone by disclosing some shocking information about his family while participating in a promotional event.

He freely confessed that his sister, Krishna Shroff, is the member of the family that he fears the most. When asked about his relationship with his sister, Tiger Shroff revealed that throughout their formative years, he and his sister engaged in some healthy sibling competition. Even more shocking was his admission that his sister had repeatedly assaulted him physically.

In spite of the fact that there is a three-year age gap between them, Tiger Shroff revealed that he has had his fair share of arguments with his younger brother Krishna ever since they were children.

He addressed this topic during a press conference that was conducted on October 17 for Ganpath. Tiger Shroff revealed, “I honestly have a great deal of fear of my sister. She has a pretty severe demeanor, and that helps to keep me in check.

I guess that’s one of the reasons I’ve always been drawn to action movies.”

Tiger is pleased for Kriti and congratulates her on her National Award victory, which was certainly merited.

Tiger remarked, “Kriti was just honored with a National Award.” She started out as a child actress in Heropanti and has since become a well-known superstar.

After what seems like an eternity, Tiger and Kriti will finally meet up again in the film Ganpath. Tiger referred to it as a one-of-a-kind undertaking that had exciting new action as well as a touching love story.

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He stated his excitement about working with Kriti after it had been nine years since Heropanti, and he said he looks forward to the audience’s love for their future release. He also said he was looking forward to the love of the audience.

Tiger remarked that working with Kriti Sanon had been an outstanding experience. In spite of her extraordinary achievements, she has managed to keep her genuine personality and down-to-earth demeanor. Nine years have passed, but it seems like we just worked together yesterday when we were reunited. The status quo has not changed in any way.

A number of additional projects, such as Singham Again, Screw Dheela, Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Rambo, and Mission Lion, are now in the works for Tiger Shroff.

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