Top 5 Web-Based Image to Text Converters: Efficient Text Extraction

The conversion of images to text is a frequent activity especially when attempting to share a document whose details are trapped within images. There are various reasons for needing this text extraction from images and scanned documents. If the appropriate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) based image to text converter is used, this process is seamless.

From our accumulated knowledge and extensive research on text extraction from images, we have compiled a top 5 list of the best online image to text converters that promptly transform images or scanned documents into text.

Top 5 Converters for Image to Text Online 

Regarded as a crucial image to text converter, it performs conversion with online OCR recognition, scanning, and extraction. With its OCR technology, it enhances the user experience by swiftly transforming text from images or scanned documents without interruption.

The entire process of extracting text from images takes less than a minute. All you need to do is upload the image file and let it execute quickly. One of the key features of is that the layout and formatting remain intact when converting image text into digital copies.


  • Supports OCR conversion on various platforms and devices 
  • Registration is not necessary 
  • Secured OCR conversions Limitations 
  • Offers only 15 file conversions per hour 
  • Maximum 15 MB file size for unregistered users uses advanced OCR technology to convert images to editable text formats. This web-based application can efficiently convert various file types such as jpg, jpeg, png, webp, gif, pdf, etc. into actionable text formats at no charge. It allows up to 20 OCR based conversions simultaneously without loss of formatting quality.

Its OCR conversion feature supports various languages and permits a wide range of text file formats. In addition, it provides the ability to translate the extracted text into over 140 languages in a few seconds. For extended services such as converting 50 image files at once and file sizes of 30MB, you will have to switch to its Pro plan.


  • Fast OCR conversion 
  • Uses advanced OCR technology 
  • Supports multiple file formats for import and export 
  • Copy to clipboard feature for free 
  • Automatic operation, no manual input required 
  • Allows downloading extracted files as Zip Limitations 
  • Requires a subscription plan to convert over 20 photos 
  • Free plan allows only up to 10MB file sizes 


HiPDF is image-to-text converter which executes text extractions promptly. Access to all the image and document conversion tools is possible only if users register.

HiPDF has the capacity to convert images into various high-compatible formats and languages. Regardless of the image quality, whether low-resolution or pixelated, this converter efficiently performs. However, without a subscription, users can only convert up to 50 pages at once.


  • Supports almost all popular image formats 
  • Can convert up to 50 pages at once 
  • Encrypted files, offering maximum security 
  • Limitations No OCR processing for free users 
  • Free users can only perform two operations per day 


Imagetotext deploys a highly effective OCR process to convert images to text. This internet-based image to text converter can be accessed from various web browsers and supports multiple image formats including jpg, jpeg, png, etc.

Moreover, Imagetotext can also handle screenshots of PDF or Microsoft Word documents.


  • Able to extract text from different image formats and screenshots 
  • Possesses the capability to scan and extract text from handwritten notes 
  • Supports various image formats including jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff, and more 
  • Limitations Free users have access to limited editing and conversion features 
  • Single file conversion at a time 


JPGtoText is an online OCR platform, noted for its excellent image to text conversion. It offers a powerful OCR tool that can recognize text in various languages from any image or scanned file.

Users can add files directly from their local storage or simply drag and drop for quick online image text conversation. The text extraction of uploaded images is automatic. After completion, saving or copying the extracted text is just a single click away.


  • Supports text extraction in more than 50 different languages 
  • Easy to navigate plugins available for use in browsers such as Chrome, Opera, etc 
  • No installation or log-in Limitations 
  • Limited conversion features for free users 
  • Supports only 5 formats when converting image to text with OCR In 


Numerous web-based OCR tools offering quick, efficient photo text extraction are available. For those looking for a perfect OCR-based conversion, we have detailed some of the top online image to text converters. By employing these OCR tools, significant improvements can be achieved in your professional document processing routine. So, investigate these tools and select the one best suited for your OCR conversion needs. Best of luck!

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