Beachcomber Outpatient Center

If you are searching for a private surgery clinic in Boynton beach, you have come to the right place. We are dedicated to providing our patients with a high-quality, service-oriented environment for their surgical procedures. We will provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision about your health care.

Best Boynton Beach Outpatient Center

If you have an addiction, it is important to find a support network and a detox program that will help you. You should also try to focus on positive actions, such as volunteering or journaling. These activities can give you a sense of purpose and help you maintain your sobriety. In addition, you should create a schedule and set short-term goals that will lead to long-term goals. If you need help, contact Beachcomber Boynton Beach Outpatient center Rehab today.

The Helix Urgent Care is a walk-in clinic that offers medical services in Boynton Beach and nearby areas. The facility has a team of medical professionals who can treat a wide variety of illnesses, including common respiratory infections, allergies, and bladder infections. Its staff also treats minor injuries, such as sprains and lacerations.

The Primary Medical Care Center is a family medicine practice in Boynton Beach that provides primary health care to seniors. Its doctors are Jean Pierre MD and Dorothy Pierce ARNP, who have over 22 years of experience in senior healthcare. The staff is dedicated to delivering the best possible treatment for their patients. The clinic is open seven days a week and accepts most major insurance plans. It also provides a range of diagnostic services, such as X-rays and lab tests.

Cost of Boynton Beach Outpatient Center

Florida’s east coast city offers affordability along with a warm climate. Seniors who plan to retire there can find affordable living costs, including housing and health care. The average cost of assisted living in Boynton Beach is $4,385 per month, which is lower than the state and national averages. In-home care is also cheaper, ranging from around $4,195 to $9,019 for semi-private or private rooms.

In accordance with Florida law, upon request, this facility will provide a good faith estimate of anticipated gross charges for the patient’s procedure(s) to be rendered within seven (7) days of receipt of the request. In order to obtain a more personalized estimate of charges, the patient and/or his/her representative should contact any practitioner who will provide services in this facility and determine if they participate as a network provider or preferred provider with the patient’s health insurer or health maintenance organization.

BBASC will collect from the patient in full all deductibles, co-insurances, and/or copayments that are not payable by the insurance company at the time of service.

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