Grab Origin Forme Giratina in Pokemon Go!

Previously, we discussed the Pokemon Origin Forme Palkia and Origin Forme Dialga with their Adventure Effects; now we will be talking about the unique Pokemon, Origin Forme Giratina, another one of the three legendary beasts roaming in your Pokemon Go map!

We will discuss how to capture the legendary Pokemon in its Origin Forme and its weak points that can be exploited to gain an early advantage. If you want to catch up on all the missing action of Pokemon Go, you should purchase Pokemon Go Accounts for sale at U7BUY, where the most budget-friendly rates are offered to everyone at their benefit!

How to get Origin Forme Giratina?

If you are a regular player of Pokemon Go and if you are familiar with the system of the legendary beasts in Pokemon Go, you will know that the only way to catch any type of Legendary Pokemon is via Raid Battles, and the same can be said for Origin Forme Giratina.

Raid Battles are limited, however, and the duration for the Origin Forme Giratina is from February 23rd to February 26th, which is a boss in 5-Star Raid Battles.

What is Origin Forme Giratina’s Weakness?

To look at any Pokemon’s weak points, we need to look at the Elemental type of a Pokemon, and Origin Forme Giratina is both a Dragon and a Ghost-type Pokemon, meaning that it is susceptible to Dark, Dragon, Ice, Fairy, and Ghost attacks.

Using Normal, Fighting, Bug, Electric, Fire, Grass, Poison, and Water Attacks will not work on Origin Forme Giratina because it takes reduced damage from these types of attacks.

What type of Pokemon should you use against Origin Forme Giratina?

You should have the following list of Pokemon with you if you need to defeat Origin Forme Giratina in one swoop. You should also check out the store at Pokemon Go for sale, where items will be bought for reasonable prices.

First up is the Mega Rayquaza, where the Dragon Tail as the Fast move and Outrage as the Charged move can help bring it down quickly. If you have Mega Tyranitar with Bite as its Fast Move and Brutal Swing as the Charged Move can stand a chance against Origin Forme Giratina.

Mega Garchomp, having the same moveset as Mega Rayquaza and Shadow Tyranitar, with the same loadout as its Mega counterpart, would also work as formidable opponents against the Raid Boss. Others also include Mega Gengar, Shadow Salamence, Shadow Garchomp, Mega Salamence, Shadow Dragonite, Mega Latios, Mega Banette, Shadow Mewtwo, Mega Gardevoir, Shadow Weavile, Primal Groudon, Mega Houndoom, Shadow Latios, Tyranitar, Shadow Gengar, and Salamence that would work best against the 5-Star Raid Boss.

What is the Combat Power of Origin Forme Giratina?

Since it is both a Dragon and a Ghost-type Pokemon, a windy or a foggy season will give this Pokemon a boost from 2523 CP (Combat Power) to 2631 CP at Level 25, whereas in Non-Weather Boosted conditions, it would be from 2018 CP to 2105 CP at Level 20.

Origin Forme Giratina’s Base Attack is 189, but its Base Defense is 159.

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